Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Facebook hack 100% working and tested.

There is no software or stuff to get the facebook password. I think you knew it better than me.
  Anyway i'am posting an phising method which is really works .And this is only for education purposes guys. Let's start hacking facebook account.

You Need to Have a Free Form. Look Below For Instruction
How to Sigup a Form Site For Free :
How to Create a Facebook Fake login Form :
  • After Registering a Free Form Its time to Create a Form
  • In the SiteMap Click Create and Select Form Processer
  • Select Your Email ID and Click Next
  • In the Loaded Page Click Next
  • Now Setup the Page Information Like Shown in Picture ( Click on th Picture to View Details )
Click on the Picture to View the Information
Click to Enlarge the Picture.

  • Select Plain Text and Click Next

  • Now You can Copy the Link Form Link Produced there is http and https

  • I think you should use https it looks secure

  • Now Look Below For the Second Section

  • Editing Facebook Fake login Page :

    Download this Facebook Fake Login Edited Page Uploaded



  • After Download the Zip File Extract it to Desktop (It is a htm File )

  • Open the Downloaded File with NotePad ( To open Right Click and Click "Open with" then Select NotePad)

  • Click Edit in NotePad and select Find. Search for

  • "action=" or You can search


  • After you have Found This Replace this with Your Form Url ( the https form url )

  • Now Save the Edited File

  • After Editing Add Your Email id which you Use to Signup Create Form Account

  • Editing FaceBook Fake Login Done

  • Uploading the Facebook Fake Login :
    • Now You have to Upload This Files to a Free Web Hostig Site
    • Upload Facebook Fake Login Page to Any Web hosting .
    • In My Choose 000webHost
    • ( Additional Settings Optional ) Now You can Shorten this Url Using Any Url Shorting Service .
    • ( Additional Settings Optional ) In My Choose Co.TV or VV.CC
    • Upload Done
    • (Recommended Setting) .By masking your URL ,nonody could see your real URL of your website. Give a suitable name . Like www.facebook.tk or somethng like that. Go to How to mask URL
    Your Facebook Fake Login Is Created Now you Hae to Link this Facebook Fake Login  to Your Friends to Login From Here. Your Facebook Fake Login Will be Like
    http://anything.anywebhosting or lf you Get Redirection Site it will be http://anything.vv.cc or any other
    How to Link Facebook Fake Login Page to your Friends or Victims ( Social Engg ) :

    • So you Have Uploaded the Facebook Fake Login Page
    • Give a Name to Your Url of the Facebook Fake Login Page as it Looks Like a Login Address ( Example : http://facebook-login.anyhosting.com or Shorten http://Facebook-login.vv.cc
    • You Can Mail Your Friend Like "Check New Facebook Login Page" You can Say Any Think To Make him Login Through the Facebook Fake Login Page
    • You can Sent Fake Emails ( Fake Email Example : Obama@whitehouse.org ) You can Sent Fake Emails From Our Created Fake Mailer
    If you ve any problem or suggestion please mention it in comments.


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