Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Awesome Facebook And Google Scripts – Addon Scripts

I have found some awesome scripts on Facebook, Google and YouTube for you guys. These scripts will surprise you for sure. Also these scripts are very interesting and useful to make things easier. I would be telling you some interesting scripts like Facebook ads remover, Facebook Unfriend finder, and also about Google scripts.. I hope you all will like this Unknown Awesome Facebook and Google Scripts You Must Have – Add-on Scripts post. So lets me discuss first about Facebook and Later on Google and YouTube Scripts. Here it goes…

1) Widescreen Facebook :

This simple script will allow you to browse facebook in widescreen view to maximize your social networking experience. This is one of my most favorite scripts that I use. Simply a lot better than the ordinary facebook view. I suggest you guys to install this script. Mostly useful for widescreen laptops and LED/LCD monitors.
Click here to download widescreen script

2) Facebook Sidebar/Ads Remover :

You can find a few ads in facebook at the right side panel of the page. Some times they are very annoying and Mostly we click them while clicking on chat or any other links in wall. So why not to remove them all ?


Click here to download widescreen script

This script removes all the annoying and irritating ads that ruin your everyday social experience.

3)  Facebook Unfriend Finder :

Wanna know who those backstabbers in your friend lists are? Install this and shield yourselves from those people who do stuff behind your back. This script detects unfriend’s and Profile deactivates. This script even notifies you when somebody rejects your friend request.

Click here to download widescreen script

4) Better Facebook :

Better Facebook upgrade improves your facebook as mentioned. 1) When someone unfriends you, you may not realize it right away. The Friend Tracker panel on the right side will alert you to anyone you are no longer friends with, and give you a link to their profile. 2) Facebook allows 420 characters in your status updates, but it doesn’t tell you that you’ve gone over the limit until after you try to publish it. Better Facebook adds a character counter to the status update box so you always know how many characters you’ve typed. 3) Themes let you customize your Facebook experience by changing the colors, layout, styles, and images used. Tired of the boring blue and white Facebook? Personalize it!
And a lot more, try it out.

Click here to download widescreen script

5) Facebook Auto-Poke :

 Tired of poking your friends individually and get exhausted that you don’t wanna poke anymore?? Don’t worry, this script will help you out in poking your friends automatically.
Click here to download widescreen script
6) Facebook Invite Them All :
This is very important and a old script used to select all friends at a time for any event or any page. You can also add people in a group. So try this script out, this will help you serve your purpose.
Click here to download widescreen script

These are the facebook scripts which i use. And don’t worry, all of these Facebook plugin scripts are trusted. Now its time to explore Google Scripts.. Take a look at them below.

1) Google Pirate Hack

The Google pirate hack script uses a JavaScript with certain commands that include “in url” and similar scripts that make Google work like a cheat engine rather than a search engine. Using this script will tweak Google and will fetch you downloads to your favorite books, songs, movies, software’s , torrents etc. Definitely the top in the list script that you should try.
Click here to download widescreen script

 2) Google Book Downloader

This script allows you to download any books that are available on Google books, who needs more?
Click here to download widescreen script

3) Google Ad Remover

Google ads,Google ads… That’s all you ever see on every website and blog these days. Use this script to get rid of those annoying ads and improve your surfing experience.
Click here to download widescreen script

Simple YouTube Script You Must Try :

Keep Tube Script

Keep Tube will help you to download all kinds of media that you come across on different websites such as YouTube, Break, Daily Motion,facebook,myspace,megavideo in HD format etc. You can visit www.keep-tube.com to download videos from any sites.
Click here to download widescreen script
That’s all for today. I will update more and more scripts in future. Please don’t think these scripts are made with virus or backdoor. I will never do that cheap tricks and moreover they are verified and official plugins/ addons. So you can install them and use them without any doubt. Please let me know if you have any queries .


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