Friday, 2 December 2011

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Picture|Long Height Profile Picture

Your Facebook profile picture sets the first impression on whoever visit your profile for first time. Everyone wants to set a Stylish and Attractive DP (Display Picture) on their facebook profile, fan pages and groups. Here is the very good online tool by which you can set a long height facebook profile picture. With this tool you can also re-size, add special effects and download the picture in your computer.

■First of all, go to this website.
■Then click on Load Photo button if you want to take a picture from your computer otherwise click on Use Webcam to take a picture.

■Now Configure and Edit your photo as you want.
■Click on Login to FB button to set this picture as your DP.

■Give your Username and Password to login into your facebook account and then click on Allow button in the Permission and  Request section.
■Now your edited image will be set as profile picture.
■If you don’t want this edited image as your profile picture for now then click on the Download Pic button. This will download the picture in your computer and you can set this image as profile picture manually whenever you want.

NOTE: There are many applications to make your profile pic cool, But unfortunately they don't work in https(secure connection). So i dint mention it. I Hope i'll get the solution/trick soon !

Updated: For timeline users click here to make cool facebook timeline cover page, latest post.


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