Sunday, 8 April 2012

Download TeraCopy Pro Version Free|Copy Windows File Faster

Teracopy is best utility for fast file transfer in Windows System. The default Copying system in Windows works very slow. If you transfer huge data in your system then Teracopy helps you to transferring the data. Teracopy is designed to copy or move files with Maximum speed. Teracopy can easily integrated with Windows and make it as default copy program.

Teracopy  Pro Free full Version having following features
•Copy File Faster
•Pause and Resume File transfer
•Error Recovery
•Interactive File list
•Save Report as HTML and CSV files
•Remove files with copying queue
•Select file with Same Extension
Screen Shots: 

How to Install
•First download the file from here
Password: propaul.blogspot.com

•Now Run teracopy.exe
•Open Serial.txt file and copy the serial key with using CTRL+C
•Now, Press Menu Button (Top left) , select about, press the enter key

•Done!!! You have a Teracopy pro version, Enjoy. 

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