Sunday, 8 April 2012

How to Block Any Website in Your computer|How to Unblock Any Website From Your Computer

If you want to block any website in your PC then it is very useful for you. sometimes we addict of some website like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and any adult sites so this is a very good trick to block any site in your PC or you can do it in your Friend`s PC so they can`t open these sites again. In this trick no need of any Software. . Its very easy, follow these steps carefully.

1) Goto 


 and then open hosts file in Notepade.(Note: You must open Notepad in Administrator mode otherwise it will not save.
When you open these websites, computer will move to localhost )

For Windows Xp users you may use the shortcut way just Goto Run and Paste the following :

notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

2) When this hosts file is opened in Notepad, at the end of the file you will see something like “ localhost”.

3) Under “ localhost” just add another website URL that you want to block.
For Example:- localhost http://www.facebook.com/ http://www.orkut.com/

4) Make sure every time you add another website, the last digit of the address 127.0.0.X should not be the same.

Save the file and enjoy!
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