Saturday, 5 January 2013

How To Use Your Android Phone Or Tablet As Modem| How To Connect To The Internet Using Android Device

Don't know how to connect your desktop/laptop to internet using your android device. Here's a best and tested solution for you. It does NOT require root access or hacking your phone's firmware. It works on all Android phones. We're going to use PdaNet ,It is the most popular and downloaded software with over 6 million downloads and a 4.5+ user ratings in Android Market. PdaNet is a trial version software ,you cannot browse internet in secusre websites( eg. https:) while using trial version of this software. But don't worry guys i am giving you the full version of PdaNet 3.05 with keygen.

To be able to connect your computer to the Internet using your Android phone, you need to follow this steps:
    • Download PdaNet full version here

    Note: Please check the version. Must be 3.50 if not then download it from here

    • Now download the keygen and PdaNet 3.50 apk file for your android device. Just download it and uncompress it.

    Password: propaul.blogspot.com 
    • Now install the 'PdaNetA350' (If your pc is 64 bit then install the 'PdaNetA350x64').
    • During the installation process a notification will appear as shown below image

    Click 'Others' and click on OK. Then another notification will splash on your computer screen as shown below.

    Don't be afraid after seeing this its just an security message. Just Click on 'Install this driver software anyway'.
    • Now a screen will slash again as shown below

    Read it carefully and follow the instructions and then press 'OK'. After completing the setup installation process launch the application.(Application will be launched in your tray)
    • Now it's time to How to make the full version of PdaNet. Run the 'PdaNet By Pro Hack.KG' from the downloaded folder, And now open the PdaNet from the tray and click on Register PdaNet.
    • Copy the serial and email from there and paste it and click on 'Register'. All right guys PdaNet is now full version. 

    • Now , Transfer the PdaNet.apk file to your android tablet/phone and install it. After that run the application and Click on 'USB Thether Mode' From your android device. On your desktop go to tray and right click on the PdaNet and Click on 'Connect'. (Make sure your android phone/Tablet internet is working porperly otherwise you may face problem while connecting)
    • That's all you're now connected to internet, Enjoy.
    If you're facing any problem then mention in it comments. Like me on facebook for the latest updates.


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